The campers built by DCMF are a total rework and upgrade of the original “teardrop” style
camper. Based around the size of a small trailer with enough space to comfortably sleep two
adults, yet still have a self contained kitchen, water tank and many mod cons, this can be your
new home away from home.

With the new raised suspension and custom hitch, this camper now has the ability to be taken
off-road to that special somewhere where many campers are unable to travel. Built with an tough
and insulated fibreglass body with double locks on the doors and plenty of double glazed
windows and large roof hatch to air the camper if needed. Also by being a solid shell you will be
able to setup quicker without the need for slow and cumbersome pop-up style campers giving you
more time to enjoy your surroundings.

The DCMF camper has also been designed around the ability of being towed by a trike which
many riders can attest to, although if you don’t have a trike then no problems as it will perform
just as well behind a car or 4WD.

Standard features for the campers are:

* One piece fibreglass body
* 50cm insulation throughout – (Poly Euro Foam)
* Double glazed windows
* Double lock doors
* Large roof hatch for ventilation
* Under floor storage
* 18 Litre under floor water tank
* Under floor safe
* 17" wheels
* Self contained kitchen
* Solar panel
* 240V safety switch complies with caravan Australia standards
* LED lights
* Gelcoat in plain/glitter colours of your choice
* Choice of interior colours
* Complies with Australian standards for RTA – NSW/ACT
* Small trailer rego
* Body weight of 240kgs (empty)

Price AU$15,000.00 inc GST


* Split air conditioning system – Hot/Cold
* Full DVD stereo
* 20" DVD television
* Electric Brakes
* Roof Racks
* Alarm system
* Waterproof shade sails
* Waterproof side annex