Wanting to hit the open road, wind in your hair but looking for a little more safety and stability
than a motorcycle can deliver, then why not a trike. DCMF has been building trikes and supplying
trike parts to many clients both personal and commercial worldwide for years. All trikes built by
DCMF are fully engineered and complied with Australian standards for RTA, meaning both your
build and ride quality is ensured.

Standard features on the trike are:

* 1600 VW engine - Painted with chrome accessories
* Fully welded steel chassis - Painted
* Custom suspension including 4 shock absorbers and a rear sway bar
* Large 10" x 15" rear wheels
* Choice of front wheel
* Front forks chromed
* Front disc with rear drum brakes
* Custom exhaust - Ceramic coated featuring quad exhaust mufflers
* Tough 2-seater fibreglass body - Choice of Body Colours Plain/Glitter
* Rear to box - Waterproof and lockable
* Seat belts front and rear
* Custom seats covered in black vinyl
* Air rams mounted to ensure fresh air to your engine
* Rear LED lights
* Automatics Built Only
* Large 50L Fuel tank
* No cost option for front wind shield
* Fully Engineered & Complied with Australian Standards for RTA

Priced from AU$33,000.00 inc GST plus onroad costs


* Choice of engine from 2L VW or most East-West engines
* Chassis powder coated or chromed
* Full disc brakes
* Choice of rear wheels
* Choice of seat covering and colour
* Full length foot rest including spotlights
* Tow bar
* Alarm and intercom